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Alberto Maserati


A list of hashtags about my job

What I do

And how I do it

I'm a full-stack developer specialized in Micrsoft technologies. I can develop client applications, API, websites and cloud services.
Here below there is a list of my main skills, furthermore you can take a look at my CV and certifications.

WPF, Winforms, UWP, .NET, .NET Core

ASP.Net, ASP.Net Core, Blazor, React, WordPress, PHP

Xamarin, Uno

Microsoft Azure, Bot framework


An list of my projects and jobs

logo BindingFuture


logo HiFuture


logo SDI Automazione

SDI Automazione

logo Lyocon


logo Henkel Test Center

Henkel Test Center


logo GammaPricer


logo Prb Srl

Prb Srl

Who I am

Me, outside of my job


I grew up in Stradella, a little town in Oltrepò Pavese. Besides technology, I passionate about basketball, sports in general and music.
I keeped alive these passions during high school and college years. I was playing basketball and football for years, but unfortunately my articulations are a little bit fragile.
So now I'm not playng anymore, but I try to stay connected with sport through my basketball coach license. I currently coach a senior team in a minor championship.
I love to travel and discover new places and typical food. I also love to cook and, according to my guests, it seems I'm pretty good.


My three favourite quotes

If you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will.

- Kobe Bryant

Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.

- Michael Jordan

The will must be stronger than the skill.

- Muhammad Ali


Send me a message if you are interested in what I do or simply to have more information. I will be glad to provide you further details, tasting a good glass of wine together.
You can contact me sending an email or on my LinkedIn profile.