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Alberto Maserati

< Software engineer, sports lover and passionate food taster / >

Hi, my name is Alberto and I'm a software developer. Thanks for your visit! Scroll down to catch other information about me and what I do. Then you can text me that this is the best site you've ever seen.
Congratulations and productiv criticism are welcome! Enjoy your visit!


A list of hashtags about me and my job

What I-AM doing

Or better, what I can do

In simple terms: applications (desktop, mobile and web), web sites and other type of software products.

In "technical" terms: I am very skilled in software development under Microsoft Environment. I handle all the main frameworks (.NET, .NETCore, ASP.NET, ASP.NetCore) and linked technologies (Azure, SQLServer...).
I handle well web site development (Html5, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap...) and it is a branch that I really like.
I develop pretty good in Java too, and I don't reject in advance some experiences with other programming languages.

If you look for further details check my CV and my certifications.


An hybrid list of my works and jobs

Logo BF Srl


Logo HiFuture


Logo SDI


Logo Lyocon


Logo Henkel

Henkel Test Center

Logo Maserati

Logo Gamma Petroli


Logo CineTrailer


Logo Prb Srl


Who I-AM

Me, outside of my job


I'm a guy from Stradella, a little town in Oltrepò Pavese. Despite the not central location of my youth (anyway Stradella caput mundi), I discovered and loved technology when I was a kid.
During my highscool and college years, I simoultaneously follow my passion for sports, technology and music. I really love playing basketball and football, but unfortunately my articulations are a little bit fragile...Something like a glassware!
So now I'm not playng anymore, but I try to stay connected with sport through my basketball coach license. I currently coach a senior team in a minor championship.
I love to travel and discover new places and typical food (being an Italian, I love to eat and preferably eat well).


My three favourite quotes

If you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will.

- Kobe Bryant

Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.

- Michael Jordan

The will must be stronger than the skill.

- Muhammad Ali


Send me a message if you are interested in what I do or simply to have more information. I will be glad to provide you further details, tasting a good glass of wine together.
You can contact me sending an email, on my LinkedIn profile or try to scream out my name as loud as you can...